What do our customers say? L&S Housekeeping testimonials

Customer testimonials

We say our customers are satisfied, but is that really true? Time to let them have their say. These are our customer testimonials:

“Your employee Anja is an angel”

Isabelle Van Durme has a stressful job. She has no time to run her
household. That’s why she relies on L&S Housekeeping – twelve hours a week: “I used to
have a cleaning lady from a different company for many years. But no one knew me at that company:
if I had a question, they just sent me from pillar to post. So I went looking for a smaller
organisation in my own area. That’s how I discovered L&S Housekeeping.

Your employee Anja is an angel: always available and always motivated. She puts her
heart and soul into her job, and you can feel it. I value her proactivity so much. If my cleaning lady is ill,
she phones right away to say: ‘Don’t worry, I’ve already found you a replacement!’ Anja also takes
my wishes into account. If I let her know I’m a bit less satisfied with a
replacement cleaner, she makes a note of that and sends someone different the next time.
After working with her for seven years, I still don’t have a negative word to say about her.”


“Nancy is always on time”

Inge De Pauw had heard a lot of good things about her sister’s housekeeper. When she was looking for someone herself,
she also went to L&S Housekeeping: “I got a friendly welcome and
a lot of information about how the cleaners work. So I said, ‘ok, send me someone

It wasn’t long before Nancy the housekeeper rang my doorbell. The first time
she cleaned, I was at home to explain everything. For example,
it’s important to me to have the bathroom cleaned thoroughly every week, but the playroom
only needs cleaning now and then. Now Nancy cleans when I’m not in, and that works perfectly. If a
cleaning product is almost used up, she leaves a note. That’s handy, so that I don’t have to
check my supplies myself. Nancy is always on time and rarely ill. So I haven’t needed a replacement
up to now.”


“Really satisfied”

“Good evening, I’d like to let you know I’m really satisfied with Mia.
Today I had another pleasant surprise: one of the little extras
I didn’t specifically ask for, but she did it anyway!”



“High quality and professional”

“We’re really satisfied with our housekeeper’s high-quality work.
We’ve never had a cleaner before, but this takes so much work off our family’s shoulders.
It’s lovely to come home to a well-cleaned house at the end of the working day.

L&S Housekeeping allocated someone to us very quickly.
If they’re ill or absent, they always contact us to ask whether we want a replacement or not.
I find that very professional. Everything is done very promptly and correctly in our opinion.
If there is anything we need to talk about, we can always contact L&S Housekeeping by phone or e-mail.”