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Probiotic cleaning products: a healthier, safer alternative

Traditional cleaning products aren’t always good for your health, especially if you come into contact with them every day. They can cause irritation, and in the longer term they can even cause other problems. These products aren’t good for the environment either. The good news is that a safer and better alternative exists. Probiotic cleaning products are not just much healthier, they also clean much more thoroughly.

Based on good bacteria

Probiotic cleaning products contain good bacteria that are harmless to humans and animals. Like most traditional cleaning products, they remove visible dirt effectively. But unlike these products, probiotic cleaning products are safe to use in your home. They even go a step further, since they tackle harmful bacteria as well. During cleaning, the good bacteria are distributed in such a way that they suppress the harmful ones. So it’s great news all round!

Switch to the healthier, safer alternative

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Because of their healthy characteristics for the user and because they clean your home more effectively, we believe it is important to promote these products. We want to offer our staff a safe, healthy workplace as well as allowing you, the customer, to reap the rewards.

Our partner Clean Green offers various probiotic cleaning products, from an all-purpose cleaner for floors and work surfaces to a limescale remover for the toilet and taps and even personal care products. Do you have any more questions? Contact us or fill in the form below for more information. We will reply to all your questions as soon as possible.

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