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Looking for a job as a cleaner? Apply to L&S Housekeeping!

We offer a stable job as a cleaner where you can work close to home with personalised hours. We work in the following areas:

  • Aalst
  • Erpe-Mere
  • Groot-Haaltert (Haaltert, Kerksken, Denderhoutem, Heldergem)
  • Groot-Ninove (Ninove, Outer, Pollare, Aspelare, Nederhasselt)
  • Wetteren
  • Ghent

Take a look at our vacancies and apply for a job! We hope to see you soon…

Discover all the benefits

A cleaning job with respect

Is it difficult to find a job without qualifications? Not at L&S Housekeeping! We don’t worry about certificates – your passion is what counts. Working with us can be a success thanks to:

  • A thorough training programme – You take professional training. And you learn all the tricks of ergonomics at work. Need help? Our coach is there for you!
  • Mutual respect – Do we have vacancies for cleaners? We’re not looking for ‘just another cleaner’. We see you as a genuine partner, the strength behind our company. You can expect us to say thank you now and then, with a compliment card and a fun activity. Or you might find yourself in the spotlight as ‘Employee of the Month’.
  • Plenty of say in your work – We don’t just make you take any cleaning job that’s available. We look for something that really suits you, checking whether your personality matches the customer, whether you can get there easily from your home, and so on. They only become your customer if you want to work for them.

Work with no qualifications for a decent wage

There are plenty of job vacancies for cleaners. So why should you respond to ours? Because we truly value your commitment as a cleaner. So we give you something worthwhile in return:

  • Appropriate pay package based on your time in service
  • Meal cheques once you have a permanent contract
  • Benefits in kind such as work clothing and a bus pass (for unlimited use)
  • The opportunity to buy an electric bike at a discount as a L&S employee or loan an electric bike.
  • Proper balance between work and your private life. (Do you need to get to the day-care centre by a certain time? We’ll make sure you can!)

L&S Housekeeping has lots of job vacancies in cleaning.

What is working for L&S Housekeeping like?

Working for L&S Housekeeping also means you can rely on:

  • Fixed work (not a temporary job)
  • Regular hours and customers
  • Paid leave if the customer is absent and you have no replacement work
  • The possibility of extra holidays through our attendance policy
  • A mentor who is there to help you right from the start
  • A stimulating workplace where you are the proud ambassador of Clean Green for our customers, encouraging them to use healthier and safer cleaning products



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Employee testimonies

“Good training, mutual respect, we get our say…” Too good to be true?

Our employees say this is what it’s really like.

“You can choose your own working hours”

Ann De Neve is satisfied with L&S Housekeeping as her employer. “The people in
the office are friendly with us. They don’t act superior at all. They know my name,
so I feel like part of the family. The monthly newsletter makes us feel
included, too. You can read in it who has their birthday that month, what is happening with our
meal cheques, when our holiday pay is coming and so on.”


- Ann De Neve

“An employer who cares about you”

Sandra Van Eesbeke has been a housekeeper with L&S Housekeeping for two years. “I
really like it. The appreciation I get from customers is heartwarming.” In fact, the customers appreciate Sandra so much that L&S Housekeeping has given her the opportunity to be a coach. “I help younger colleagues. What if a customer isn’t very satisfied with a
certain cleaner? I go with them to help steer things in the right direction.”


- Sandra Van Eesbeke

“Warmly welcomed”

Very friendly colleagues.
I have nice and friendly clients and really enjoy working for L&S Housekeeping.
A nice company where I feel very much at home.
I am really warmly welcomed when I started working at L&S Housekeeping.
I still feel very good here.


- Sam Heymans

“If you want a stable job, you’ve come to the right place!”

I recommend it with confidence! Great staff, ready for anything. Always available to employees. If you want a stable job, you’ve come to the right place!


- Alexandra D.