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Looking for a cleaner? You’ll find one at l&s housekeeping!

We know you love a tidy home: everything in its place and not a speck of dust to be seen. But if you work every day, you might prefer to spend your precious free time with your family. If you’re getting on a bit or recovering from an injury, a helping hand is more than welcome too. So you’re looking for a cleaner! L&S Housekeeping will be happy to help you out.

Meet your versatile cleaner

L&S Housekeeping offers cleaners in East Flanders. Our staff clean your home, but you can also call on them for other activities such as ironing, cleaning windows, shopping, cooking and small sewing jobs.

When you go looking for a cleaner, you want to find someone who feels right. That’s why L&S Housekeeping works on the basis of trust. That makes a good relationship essential. We work out together what exactly needs to be done, what equipment you have at home and which products our staff should use. That way, we guarantee better quality services.

Cleaning with service cheques:

One way you can pay for our services is with service cheques. This flemish government system is simple and tax deductible too!


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An impeccable way to work

Looking for a cleaner? L&S Housekeeping will be happy to help you out. With us, you can be sure of:

1. Competent cleaning – We offer our staff thorough training and constant support. That way, we can guarantee that you enjoy optimal service.

2. Your products – Our staff clean with the tried and trusted products you have at home. So you’re not obliged to buy a cleaning pack.

3. Flexibility – Your housekeeper will normally always come at the same arranged time. But what if that’s inconvenient now and then? You can ask your permanent contact to change the date or cancel it.

Looking for a cleaner? You’ll find one at L&S housekeeping!

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Customer testimonials

We say our customers are satisfied, but is that really true? Time to let them have their say.

“You can choose your own working hours”

Ann De Neve is satisfied with L&S Housekeeping as her employer. “The people in
the office are friendly with us. They don’t act superior at all. They know my name,
so I feel like part of the family. The monthly newsletter makes us feel
included, too. You can read in it who has their birthday that month, what is happening with our
meal cheques, when our holiday pay is coming and so on.”


- Ann De Neve

“An employer who cares about you”

Sandra Van Eesbeke has been a housekeeper with L&S Housekeeping for two years. “I
really like it. The appreciation I get from customers is heartwarming.” In fact, the customers appreciate Sandra so much that L&S Housekeeping has given her the opportunity to be a coach. “I help younger colleagues. What if a customer isn’t very satisfied with a
certain cleaner? I go with them to help steer things in the right direction.”


- Sandra Van Eesbeke

“Warmly welcomed”

Very friendly colleagues.
I have nice and friendly clients and really enjoy working for L&S Housekeeping.
A nice company where I feel very much at home.
I am really warmly welcomed when I started working at L&S Housekeeping.
I still feel very good here.


- Sam Heymans

“If you want a stable job, you’ve come to the right place!”

I recommend it with confidence! Great staff, ready for anything. Always available to employees. If you want a stable job, you’ve come to the right place!


- Alexandra D.

“Your employee Anja is an angel”

Isabelle Van Durme has a stressful job. She has no time to run her
household. That’s why she relies on L&S Housekeeping – twelve hours a week: “I used to
have a cleaning lady from a different company for many years. But no one knew me at that company:
if I had a question, they just sent me from pillar to post. So I went looking for a smaller
organisation in my own area. That’s how I discovered L&S Housekeeping.”


- Isabelle Van Durme

“Nancy is always on time”

Inge De Pauw had heard a lot of good things about her sister’s housekeeper. When she was looking for someone herself,
she also went to L&S Housekeeping: “I got a friendly welcome and
a lot of information about how the cleaners work. So I said, ‘ok, send me someone


- Inge De Pauw

“Really satisfied”

“Good evening, I’d like to let you know I’m really satisfied with Mia.
Today I had another pleasant surprise: one of the little extras
I didn’t specifically ask for, but she did it anyway!”


- Jolein Schockaert

“High quality and professional”

“We’re really satisfied with our housekeeper’s high-quality work.
We’ve never had a cleaner before, but this takes so much
work off our family’s shoulders.
It’s lovely to come home to a well-cleaned house at the end of the working day.


- Leila De Sutter