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Employee testimonies

“Good training, mutual respect, we get our say…” Too good to be true?

Our employees say this is what it’s really like. Read our employee testimonies below.

“You can choose your own working hours”

Ann De Neve is satisfied with L&S Housekeeping as her employer. “The people in
the office are friendly with us. They don’t act superior at all. They know my name,
so I feel like part of the family. The monthly newsletter makes us feel
included, too. You can read in it who has their birthday that month, what is happening with our
meal cheques, when our holiday pay is coming and so on.”

“I enjoy my job because it’s so varied. You find yourself in different homes
and get to know a lot of people. Sometimes I clean, but sometimes I cook and
iron as well. Importantly, you get good wages with meal cheques,
paid travel, a little gift at Christmas and Easter, etc. You can also choose your own hours,
which is an absolute necessity for me as a single parent. My working hours allow me
to combine a full-time job with looking after my children.”


“An employer who cares about you”

Sandra Van Eesbeke has been a housekeeper with L&S Housekeeping for two years. “I
really like it. The appreciation I get from customers is heartwarming.” In fact, the customers appreciate Sandra so much that L&S Housekeeping has given her the opportunity to be a coach. “I help younger colleagues. What if a customer isn’t very satisfied with a
certain cleaner? I go with them to help steer things in the right direction.”

“L&S Housekeeping is an employer who cares about you. For example, I asked to
take Wednesday afternoons off because that’s when I look after the grandchildren. They
adjusted my working hours to fit, no problem at all. We can also take training:
I’ve learned a lot about ergonomics, for example. Twice a month, I come into
the office to do my admin. I always look forward to that because
I get on really well with my colleagues!”