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Mopping with vinegar, is that a good idea?

Mopping with vinegar, is that a good idea?

Mopping with vinegar, it is often said to be an efficient way to clean your floor. But is it really? We looked into it for you! Find out our findings in our new blog.

Please note! Our cleaning assistants are not allowed to work with vinegar.

What is cleaning vinegar?

Cleaning vinegar is primarily a good remedy for cleaning things. Then we think of descaling plumbing or cleaning the cooker.


  • neutralises odours
  • removes grease stains and limescale
  • disinfects

Dilute it with water and you can get to work removing stubborn deposits. Provided you are careful, there is no harm in using a dash of cleaning vinegar once in a while. But is it also good for mopping your floor?

Why is mopping with cleaning vinegar not a good idea?

Despite vinegar’s many qualities, mopping with vinegar is not recommended in most cases. Depending on your type of floor, vinegar can cause unwanted stains. The descaling effect of vinegar can have a negative impact on calcareous materials such as natural stone and also on the joints of your tiles. What about laminate and PVC floors? Too much concentration of cleaning vinegar can damage the floor.

Why don’t our housekeepers polish with vinegar? The prolonged use of vinegar can lead to skin irritation. In addition, inhaling it can lead to respiratory tract irritation and thus be harmful.

mopping with vinegar

Use probiotic cleaners instead of vinegar

You can also try probiotic cleaners. Probiotic cleaners are a safer and healthier alternative on all counts. Our partner Clean Green offers a nice range.

mopping with vinegar

Leave your cleaning to our L&S housekeepers

Do you need help with your cleaning? Then you can also call on our cleaning helpers. Would you like more information about how we work? Don’t hesitate to contact us.