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Tips to control fruit flies

Tips to control fruit flies

The weather is getting warmer and there they are again! Fruit flies are swarming around your ears and you wonder where those stubborn creatures keep coming from. Controlling and preventing fruit flies is easy with some handy tips. You will discover them in our blog!

Where do they come from?

A fruit fly never comes alone, which is not abnormal if you know that they can reproduce after just one week and live for several weeks. They like to dwell in warm temperatures, which is why they are mainly found in spring and summer. You will find them near food waste such as rotting fruit, leftover drinks (wine, fruit juice, beer, etc.) or coffee pads and tea bags. But organic material such as plants and leaves also attract them.

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How to control fruit flies?

To control fruit flies, you can apply several tips.

  • Use an organic fly spray or make your own fly trap. You can do this with a plastic box in which you make a small hole. You add a sugary substance such as granulated sugar or honey and then also a layer of vinegar and water. The flies will find a way in, but not back out afterwards.
  • Open your windows or doors (and don’t forget a fly door or window). Fruit flies do not like draughts, after all.
  • Clean your drains thoroughly, as it is the ideal place for fruit flies to nest.
  • To combat fruit flies, also change your dustbin regularly and keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Tip! Do not clean with cleaning products that have a fruity smell, as they actually like that. You can instead clean with unscented probiotic detergents.

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Some precautions:

If you keep a few things in mind, you can prevent fruit flies in larger numbers. Therefore, pay attention to the following things:

  • Place a fly cover over your fruit basket. The flies may also have already laid eggs without you knowing it. By placing a fly cover, fruit flies cannot spread to other places in the house, but they also cannot get to the fruit from outside.
  • Remove food leftovers from your kitchen and deposit them in your organic waste bin. Ideally, store them outside. If you have an inconvenience of fruit flies in your ‘green bin’, it is advisable to always clean the container thoroughly after a rubbish collection.